Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thing #23

YEA!!!!! I am done!!!! This was a one in a life time experience. 23things really forced me to do things that I would never had done on my own. For this I am a bit thankful (LOL).

1. I liked creating my avatar. I also liked using all the many different functions with google.
2. I have learned that I have a lot to learn. I feel to better myself as a librarian, I really need to make the time and figure some of these things out. I will continue to try and work on some of the exercises.
3. I guess that some of the things that surprised me were how hard some things were. I really have a long way to go on my discoveries.
4. I think that whom ever worked on this project is a genius. I would never try to improve on something so above my knowledge.
5. I am not sure if I would participate again. It took a long time. Maybe if it were not so long; maybe 5things. LOL.
6. Not sure what I would say... ask me in a few days.

Thing #22

The Nings were like what it said in the 23Things... it's like Facebook and MySpace. It is a place where people all over the world could collaborate. Again, this is a really neat thing if you are into that kind of stuff. However, I would rather collaborate with people in my district or school. At this point in my life, I do not have the time or desire to sit at the computer and "talk" to people I don't know. I do see how maybe reading some of the posts could be beneficial for finding ideas. Remember, I am the one that does not even have a facebook account.
I would possibly be interested in limiting a ning locally to the librarians in my district or for the teachers at my school.

Thing #21

Ok, I could not figure this out. Podcast and Photostory were not user friendly. I feel very old.
I am sure with help this is something that I can figure out, but not computer savvy enough to do this alone.

Thing #6

I liked looking at Flickr Color Pickr and Mosaic Maker. They were both very cool. I am sure that students would pick this up in a heartbeat. They seem to be better at doing the pictures then even me. I can see where a teacher can use this with the kids in her class or even me in the library. I am in the process of creating a library webpage and will use this for pictures.

Thing #20

50 States and Capitals (cartoon song)

This video was uploaded from Teachertube. It is fun looking for video's however, I am not sure that my school has access.

The videos are great to use with students. So many students respond well to seeing videos. They enjoy something different other than the teacher talking all the time. I can see where the music teacher can even use this particular video. This is also a fun way for librarians to add to their lessons as well.

Thing #19

Zango is the site that I looked up. I did something mindless and red about celebrities. It was cool to see something other then E! Entertainment. This site was ranked number one in games and entertainment. One day, when I have nothing to do... ha ha, I may take a look at this site again. This is a good spot to look for good websites.

Thing #18

Here we go!!! I love Googledocs. This is a way to save documents that go with you everywhere. No longer do you need to have a flash drive. I can't tell you how many times I have left mine at home or brought the wrong one. This also lends itself to collaborating with teammates. Each person can review and edit. I can not find any disadvantages so far.


here is my googledoc test page: